Jody has spent around a decade exploring Dharma in India, Europe and the USA. Alongside her own deep love of silence and meditation, she has had a depth of contact with teachings, teachers and spiritual practices. She was authorised to teach Dharma by Christopher Titmuss, former Buddhist monk, author and senior Insight meditation teacher.

The heart of Jody’s approach reveals a calm and insightful practice with her teachings including a radical movement towards kindness, simplicity and rest. Her own journey has been significantly experiential and she has benefited from teachings and training from Buddhism, Non-duality, Hatha yoga, Body-Mind centering, Somatic Experiencing, Nonviolent communication, Trauma-sensitive mindfulness, story-tellers, dancers, poets and wise activists. She has a background in education.


Jody believes in the possibility of deep change in our inner and outer worlds. She continues her own journey towards greater freedom and supports others to do the same through meditation, inquiry and Dharma teachings.

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In 2012, I decided to take a sabbatical. I left my job as a teacher, rented out my house and planned a 6 month trip to India. Before I left, I had the amazing fortune of meeting international meditation teacher Vidyamala Birch. An email from a friend of hers read, "Oh ps.. other really cool retreat I did was with Sangaseva. They do meditation in action retreats across India, run by some really lovely people". That 'p.s.' unexpectedly changed the course of my life, with one year running into seven, settled becoming nomadic and predictability becoming totally illusive! I fell in love with silence and meditation in a different way, doing as many retreats as possible, seeking out wonderful teachers and traveling far and wide to practice and train. Meditation wasn't just a technique to reduce the stress of an overworked teacher anymore, but a beautiful and deep art form with infinite possibilities for freedom, wisdom, maturity and healing.

Over the course of extended periods of time practicing and studying, I've been guided by teachers who've shaped my own teaching and understanding in both tiny and huge ways. I’ve been inspired by many who have gone before, even those I didn’t get to meet in person before they left this earth. There are too many to name in full, but for now, the family and friends who supported me when life took a very unexpected turn; Jaya Ashmore, DipaMa and all women who’ve carved the way for a more feminine and inclusive Dharma; Christopher Titmuss for his encouragement and friendship; Ramana Maharshi and India.

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Meditation & Dharma

These meditation and Dharma teachings integrate classic Insight (mindfulness) practice with Advaita (non-duality) and Deep Rest, first introduced by Open Dharma. They orient towards a simple, kind and courageous practice. Anyone can join in. Meditation asks us to challenge our over efforting, forever striving and continual doing. Instead we can take a break, literally from being ourselves. We can practise taking care with our bodies and patiently freeing our hearts and minds.

Dharma is often used to describe the teachings of the Buddha, but really Dharma is everywhere; in contact with those we love, with nature and animals, in the Arts and in our hearts. The Pali word can be translated as something like support or that which supports, what is left, what is true, what sustains us, nourishes us, holds us up. Not quick fixes when we are desperate or reactional, but those things that feel deeply true and wholesome as we journey towards ever deeper understanding and connection. Here, Dharma includes teachings from the Buddha and other spiritual traditions, the Arts, nature and modalities from the body-mind and wellness fields.

Please email me if you would like to try a class.


Jody's work

Jody offers a variety of teachings, both in person and online.

For community, Jody teaches in person courses in Cumbria, UK where she lives. She also offers practice days across the UK. The global community currently come together online and during these sessions there can be people from a number of continents practicing together. The possibility for connection, depth of practice and insight is not to be underestimated online; it's quite amazing.


For education, Jody works in schools with students and staff. Being an ex-secondary teacher, Jody has an understanding of life in education for both young people and their teachers. If you would like to bring meditation into your school, please get in touch. Jody is certified with Youth Mindfulness.

"My wish is to evolve a Dharma community that is diverse and works towards the healing of trauma from oppression of race, gender and physical ability. When we are willing to learn through both our personal differences and shared stories it's possible to move towards a greater, kinder, less judgemental way of being in this world. Please feel welcome here as you are and let me know if there’s anything I can do that enables you to join in or try a session."